LIFE AMYBEAR is a project co-funded by the European Commission, the Green Fund and own resources in the framework of LIFE Programme (http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/about/index.htm).

Four (4) different entities, LEVER S.A (private company), Municipality of Amyntaio (local authority), CALLISTO (NGO) and the Decentralised Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia (regional authority), for the first time in Greece, share their different views over the “Human – Bear co-existence” theme and work together to make this co-existence possible.

LIFE AMYBEAR aims to tackle the problems caused by the human – bear interaction by reducing human-bear interference, eliminating the human-caused bear morality and by increasing bear tolerance levels and awareness of the local community and visitors in the project area. The project area mainly concerns the Municipality of Amyntaio in the Region of Central Macedonia, Greece.

With the scientific contribution of CALLISTO to the Municipality of Amyntaio and the Decentralised Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia, LIFE AMYBEAR implements a variety of activities and measures for the human – bear co-existence, such as wildlife warning signs on the road network, warning reflectors to keep wildlife away from roads and railway, bear-proof refuse containers, electric fences and other special aversive means for the bears (scarecrow, critter gitter, food-trap with pepper spray and falcon super-sound signal horn). A stock breeder network for exchanging livestock guarding dogs and the Bear Emergency Team will also work towards the direction of human-bear co-existence.

LEVER S.A., through a more developmental approach, supports LIFE AMYBEAR in order to have the project results integrated into the regional and local policies and plans, promoting further the human-bear co-existence as a means to sustainable development of the wider area of Amyntaio.


Information for project beneficiaries:

LEVER Development Consultants S.A: https://www.lever.gr/

Municipality of Amyntaio: https://www.amyntaio.gr/

CALLISTO Wildlife and Nature Conservation Society: https://www.callisto.gr/

Decentralised Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia: https://www.apdhp-dm.gov.gr/



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